EMO AO4/12 - missing doc

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EMO AO4/12 - missing doc

Postby iot » Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:55 pm

Hello UniPi-experts,
we've checked your website completly for documentation of EMO 4/12 but there are only fragments.
So it was not clear, if we need extra power source >12V DC to let the 4 outputs work with 0-10V. A test (costs time) shows that we need it.

The most important question is the max external input voltage @AOV. Is it 35V DC like on UniPi-AOV? A little circuit drawing for how to connect would be very helpful for everybody. It's a nice extension - so make it perfect with some information ;)

wish for EMO AO4/12 v1.1:
The need of extra power source should be realized directly @EMO-board with a small step-up (5V -> 12V). Otherwise everytime you need extra Trafo which isn't necessary due to small power use (<1W).

with best regards

Until now UniPi and EMO work really well with EVOK-Api. Fast and reliable. Well done.

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