Help setup greenhouse automation

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Help setup greenhouse automation

Postby chrigui » Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:02 am

hi all,
yesterday i received the order (Thank you unipi) here is a background on my project:

i am trying to setup a greenhouse to automate most of it using Unipi and jeedom. (i understand that jeedom already supported by a plugin)
the greenhouse will have the following hardware:
2 X 340v exhaust fans
2x 240v 2000w water pumps
1x rollup side motor (to open the side for the ventilation)
8x light bulbs (only turned on during maintenance at night)

The hardware i have is:
raspberry pi 2
unipi boards
unipi ssr
unipi 1-wire hub
uni pi 0-10v addon

there is other components like weather station (outside and inside), some other sensors but i will add them after the basic setup is performed.

my problem is wiring not the software as i have almost no experience with relays.
any help will be great please.

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